By Henry Black

Hi! I have had a very busy schedule lately and have not had time to post any more stories! I am back now posting weekly stories that will now be posted every Tuesday!

‘Selena and Amber, you’re on!’ The Director called. Amber trudged to the set. She was giving attitude again. The Producer was growing tired of her diva-like behaviour recently.

‘Amber, I need you to talk to Selena about whether she has feelings for James or not. Selena, you tell Amber that you think it’s awkward with him after you know he’s been with Amber. Okay let’s roll.’ The Producer demanded. The new cast members were tarnishing the entire show. Reality TV had been ruined by self-centred egotistical people desperate for fame and attention. The Producer wrapped up the scene with Amber and Selena and called it a day. They needed to return to their trailer to construct more scenarios for the cast members to make the show more exciting.

Amber returned home for the night. She was forbidden from contacting any of the other cast members unless there was a camera present. She was completely isolated from the real world. Amber had no real friends. She returned home every night to sit alone and ponder her choices. She only joined the cast to earn a little money and gain some exposure. She didn’t realise the true emptiness of what Reality TV had become. She paced her run-down flat, wishing she lived in the loft that she was showed to live in on the show. She wished she was payed the amount they made out she earned. She was going to go insane. ‘Screw it!’ She thought as she picked up her phone and proceeded to dial James’s number.

‘Hey, can I come over?’ She asked with a sense of desperation.

‘Definitely. It’s been so long. I hate having to sneak around to be together. This show is driving me insane. I’d quit if I didn’t need the money so badly.’ James replied. Amber had been dating James for nearly a year. They had been cast on the show together two series ago, intended to be the new ‘it’ couple. They had constantly been scripted to be on and off throughout their run. It tore Amber apart when Selena was made to confess to having a thing for James. Even they couldn’t remember if they were meant to be a couple or not.

‘I’m just so sick of pretending to care about all of this benign drama.’ Amber said as she sipped a glass of wine at James’s flat. ‘I spend my entire life asking how this party was and what happened with this person. I thought it would be an easy way to get some fans so that I could promote my real work as a songwriter. I’m not even blonde!’ James chuckled at her.

‘I understand you. I have to pretend to live with Lucas and Benny and be their best friends. I pretend to go out with them and get drunk and act like typical lads. I can’t stand either of them in real life. I wanted to be a comedian. I was in a bar in London when Kiki came up to me, you know, before she left? She said I’d be perfect on the show. So, I joined the cast on a whim.’ James opened up to her.

The next day, James and Amber were called into The Producer’s office. They distanced themselves to avoid suspicion. They both perspired with anticipation.

‘I think you both know why you’re here.’ The Producer said, full of grimace. Amber and James dropped their heads in shame. ‘As a security precaution, we have tapped into every cast member’s phones to make sure they aren’t communicating out of hours. You already know where I’m going with this. I an extremely disappointed in the both of you. This is a direct breach of your contract and this will not stand. Unfortunately, I cannot fire you as you both respond the best to the viewers. We need higher ratings. The show is starting to trail off. That’s why next week we’re having a live show. You will each be given scripts during the week. The climax of the episode will consist of the two of you breaking up extremely angrily. Amber, you will push James into the swimming pool where he, intoxicated, narrowly survives drowning. Afterwards, the two of you will be locked in your respective apartments until the next show. Please leave.’

Amber and James were horrified. How could they do something like this? Amber stormed out of the office and began aggressively tearing apart the set. She ripped down the backdrop, smashed glasses all over the floor, poured the drinks everywhere, all while shouting abuse about The Producer. James tried to calm her down but it was no use. She just became angrier. After tiring herself, Amber calmed down and returned to The Producer’s office.

‘I quit. I don’t need your bloody show. It’s ridiculous. I’m payed next to nothing, I get treat like I’m worthless and I’m not having it any more. Get stuffed.’ She screamed in the Producer’s face.

‘Amber. Wait. You can’t quit.’ The Producer said in a voice so calm it was almost sinister. ‘I am the one with passwords to every one of your social media accounts. I am the one who controls which stories about you leaks to the press. If I so wanted to I could go on your Twitter account and tweet anything I liked, then I could go to the press and claim you’ve done something illegal in correspondence to your tweet. Everyone will hate you. You will never work again. There will be a police investigation surrounding you and your life will fall apart. I’ll see you on set in five minutes.’ The Producer wore a sickening grin as Amber tearfully left the room.

On the day of the live show, Amber had not spoken to James since the meeting in The Producer’s office. They gathered on set as the cameras went live. The show went on without a flaw. The cast acted well to make the show believably reality. Nothing seemed scripted or forced. Amber was so nervous about breaking up with James and pushing him into the pool. She knew she had to do it, but that didn’t make it any easier. She glared at The Producer when she was not visibly on camera. The Producer grinned at her as they took a sip of whiskey they permanently kept on set. There must be a way out of this situation Amber thought to herself.

The scene had finally come. The setting was Selena’s penthouse pool party. Champagne flowed and music blared, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Earlier in the show, Selena had told Amber in the bathroom that James was in love with her and had been cheating on her for months. Amber pretended to be heartbroken. Now it was her time to confront him at the party.

‘James, can I have word with you over here?’ Amber began as she took him over to the deserted side of the pool.

‘Hey babe, everything okay?’ James responded, looking deeply into Amber’s eyes as if whispering his apologies for what was about to go down.

‘You know it isn’t. You lying piece of filth. You’ve lied to me for months. You’ve been sleeping with Selena this whole time? Did I mean anything to you? I loved you James. I put my heart and soul into this relationship and this is what you give me? I’m done.’ Amber slapped James and pushed him into the pool. He struggled in the pool, splashing and desperately trying to escape. Amber felt awful but she knew the crew must step in if things got dangerous. They were going to step in. He was really struggling now. She saw a security man approach behind her. Much to her surprise, the security man grabbed her by the mouth and restrained her. The Producer smiled at her and toasted her with their glass from a distance as Amber was dragged away from the set. James soon stopped moving in the water.

‘Congratulations everyone! That’s a wrap!’ The Producer announced as the entire cast and crew stood in horror. ‘That was our most viewed show yet! That’s what we needed all along. A tragedy. The press will be talking about this for years. Yes, we might axed but they will never stop booking us on talk shows or charity events. We will be skyrocketed into fame. Amber, I owe all of this to you. You will always be remembered… because you’ll certainly never be forgotten for murdering a fellow cast member live on television! The trial will give us all so much publicity! Isn’t this fantastic!’ The Producer cackled to their self as the whole cast and crew looked around in horror.

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